How to spend your time at Ryu Resort & Spa We hope you have a special holiday

Let us introduce an example itinerary for our guests to enjoy and to ensure your stay with us is special.

How to spend

15:00 After your arrival and check-in Appreciate nature leaf

Explore inside our hotel, which is six times bigger than Tokyo Dome.
We have three trekking courses available: Rabbit, Squirrel and Goat.
You can choose the course that suits your preference.
Immerse yourself in nature's power and feel refreshed!
You can visit the forest where Ryujin (the God of Dragon) lives.
There are viewing areas where you can see Mt. Haku, and a sky viewing area where you can see the Milky Way at night.

Appreciate nature Appreciate nature

16:30 Luxury experience with a completely natural free-flowing hot-spring Hot spring

After a day outside, relax in the free-flowing hot spring, with a pH of 9.1.
Let the body and mind relax.
Soak in our splendid open-air bath, rich in ions.
Please enjoy a relaxing moment while absorbing the great energy of nature. About our Hot Spring

Hot spring

19:00 Seasonal Kaiseki meal with home grown ingredients Dinner leaf

After refreshing at the hot spring, it's time for a long-awaited dinner.
We are fastidious about using locally sourced seasonal food.
No other place can match the taste of our cuisine. About our Food

Dinner Dinner

21:00 “Ryujin” hot spring Hot spring

After enjoying a delicious meal, why not soak in the hot-spring again?
The open-air bath at night offers a different view from the one in daylight.
With the mineral-rich hot spring, ,your skin will be well moisturised and warmed. About our Hot Spring

Hot spring

22:00 Star-gazing under Shokawa Plateau's clear sky Star-filled night sky

With Shokawa's clean air, the starry sky is beyond beautiful.
Our guests have said
“I had never felt the sky could be that close.”
Please enjoy our special nature entertainment at Ryu Resort & Spa.

Star-filled night sky

There are plenty more ways to enjoy Ryu Resort & Spa. Activities and Sightseeing

10minutes by Car Swimming in the river

Swimming in the river

Swim in the beautifully clear stream in Shokawa.
There is a recommended swimming point only 10 minutes drive away from our hotel.

Inside the hotel Indoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool

Aquamarine will give you a feeling of freedom.
You can enjoy the water while surrounded by the marvels of nature.

Inside the hotel Tennis


Serve up, in the clear air of Shokawa Plateau!
We can lend two rackets and balls free of charge.

15minutes by Car Skiing


There are six popular ski sites near our hotel.
After a day enjoying this winter sport, why not relax in our luxury hot spring again.

35minutes by Car Shirakawa-go

Shirakawa-go Go to Website

This popular tourist attraction is a registered UNESCO world heritage site. Take a therapeutic wander around the village, with its traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses.

45minutes by Car Takayama old town

Takayama old town Go to Website

If you walk along the old paths, you can see houses dating back from the end of Edo Period to Meiji Period. The streets are lined with shops which sell local Hida-Takayama specialities.

100minutes by Car Kanazawa

Kanazawa Go to Website

Kanazawa is a town where you can learn about art and history at many tourist places, such as Kenrokuen, Kanazawa Castle park and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.

120minutes by Car Norikura plateau

Norikura plateau Go to Website

With mountains over 3000m, 23 crests, 7 lakes and 8 plains, this area offers a great chance to experience the magnificence of nature.
There is a shuttle bus to Tatamidaira, making it accessible to anyone!

60minutes by Car Hakusan Super Forest Road

Hakusan Super Forest Road Go to Website

New green leaves in Spring, the coolness of Summer, seeing the coloured leaves of Autumn, the lingering snow on mount Haku, beautiful valleys with waterfalls and Japanese native beech bushes. This scenery will move you at any time of year.

50minutes by Car Gujo Hachiman

Gujo Hachiman Go to Website

There are many attractions here, including the Gujo Hachiman Old Government Office Building Memorial Hall, which is a registered tangible cultural property. Stroll around and appreciate this quaint town.

30minutes by Car Bokka no Sato

Bokka no Sato Go to Website

1,000 meters up on a high plateau. You can interact with animals such as horses, cows and sheep. You can also enjoy viewing more than 20 different types of seasonal flowers when you visit.

20minutes by Car Shokawa-zakura

Shokawa-zakura Go to Website

Standing beside Nakano observatory, sitting on Route 156 facing the Miboro Dam.
This is a 450-year-old cherry blossom. The tree was moved to this site when the dam was constructed.

120minutes by Car Kamikochi

Kamikochi Go to Website

Kamikochi is a world famous mountain resort. Great views such as the Northern Alps Hotaka mountain range stands right in front of your eyes!